Ultraderm, Ultra Renew Peel 25% Glycolic Acid 125ml

Ultraderm, Ultra Renew Peel 25% Glycolic Acid 125ml

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This product is for in clinic use.
Ultraderm provides a range of skin peel to suit different skin concerns. The Ultra Renew Peel 25% Glycolic Acid is a medium-high intensity peel recommended for combating scarring, discolouration and body acne. Glycolic Acid has the smallest molecule size of all AHA’s allowing it to penetrate the skin. While creating an injury to the skin, the repair mechanism of the skin is subsequently induced allowing skin healing for regeneration and remodelling of the replaced or abnormal cells. Skin will benefit from exfoliation and will help to improve skin radiance, texture and tone. Not suitable for sensitive skin.



  • Helps to reduce the appearance of scarring
  • Can be used on body acne
  • Perfect peel to help combat pigmentation and sun damage

Key ingredients

  • Glycolic Acid 15%


  • Refer to Ultraderm professional training manual.


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