Ultraderm, Skin Clear UltraMini Kit – 6 items

Ultraderm, Skin Clear UltraMini Kit – 6 items

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Recommended retail price $147.00
Stress, hormonal changes, lifestyle factors and the environment can lead to breakouts, acne and skin congestion. The best solution is to get on top of the situation as quickly as possible and this is where Skin Clear UltraMini Kit comes to the rescue. Fortified with active ingredients to bring skin under control, the products within this kit help to normalise excessive sebum production, inhibit acne bacteria and soothe inflammation. RRP $120.00
Are you ready for beautifully clear skin?

5PC Kit Includes:

  1. Skin Renew Cleanser 30ml
  2. Skin Clear Oil-Free Moisturiser 50ml
  3. Daily Protector Tinted Base + Moisturiser SPF30 30ml
  4. Absolute B Serum 10ml
  5. Skin Refining Clay Mask 5ml x2
  6. Facial Chamois

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