MTS, Peptide Aqua Gel Mask – 5 Pack

MTS, Peptide Aqua Gel Mask – 5 Pack

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This product is for in clinic use.
Peptide Aqua Gel Mask is specifically designed with an innovative technology called Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery (TCD). TCD regulates the activation and penetration of key ingredients by means of acclimation. This mask slowly absorbs body heat to release its vital components to the skin. Embedded with active ingredients, it gradually thins out when coming into contact with the skin, to deliver optimal hydration, soothing comfort, anti-aging and skin conditioning effects. The solid gel sheets mould perfectly to the skin, without forming air pockets to provide temporary occlusion and protection for proper skin recovery.



  • Replenishes moisture to dehydrated skin
  • Instantly cools to reduce redness and inflammation
  • Perfect for post-procedure skin recovery

Key ingredients

  • Rhododendron Ferrugineum Lead Cell (Alpine Rose) Culture Extract
  • Malus Domestica Fruit Cell (Apple) Culture Extract
  • Chamomilla Recutita (Maticaria) Flower Extract


  • Refer to Microneedle Therapy System professional training manual.


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