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1 hour Pro Spray Mists:

The MineTan range covers every option under the sun, so you can choose the tan that’s perfect for you… a tan that’s all ‘mine’.

MineTan’s Pro Spray Mists cater to every individual. After all everyone’s different – we all have different skin tones, different tanning preferences and different occasions we tan for. Mine enables you to be in control of your picture perfect finish, from your desired skin tone, to how dark you want to go, to your skin finish… and everything in between.

Just some of the things that make us unique:

  • We are the world’s first 1 Hour Tan brand
  • 100% natural DHA, vegan friendly and paraben free
  • Touch dry finish to all our tanning products
  • No fake tan smell, thanks to our proprietary odour inhibitor
  • All our products are formulated with PETA approved ingredients
  • Exclusive Fast Acting Formula for faster, deeper, darker results
  • You choose how dark! 1 Hour = Natural Tan, 2 Hour = Darker Tan, 3 Hours = Deeper and Darker Tan
  • We developed the world’s first coconut water base tan as part of the leading Hydration Base tanning range.

The MineTan Colour Base, Hydration Base, Coconut Water Tans, Fitness Tans and Ultra Dark products are designed to give you the picture perfect finish. The party. The beach holiday. The ‘feel good’ sensation. The selfie. You can have it all…

Luxe Oil:

Formulated from a blend of 7 decadent oils including coconut oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, grapeseed oil, and avocado oil, our Luxe Oil treats your skin to an incredibly hydrating, longer lasting self-tan. The moisturising effects of these 7 heavenly oils deeply hydrates, repairs dry skin and restores radiance. The advanced formula locks in moisture to your skin instantly for a velvety-soft, tanned skin finish. Available in 1L Pro Spray Mist and the world’s only tanning oil in a foam!

Perfect Bride:

Walk down the aisle on your special day, with the specifically formulated, intensely moisturising, pH balancing, medium level bronzing spray tan. MineTan’s odour free Perfect Bride formula delivers an all natural divine and glamourous tan. Nothing short of what your most special wedding day deserves.

My Moroccan:

Enriched with argan oil to transform and nourish even the driest skin, My Moroccan is an intensely hydrating bronzing treatment that delivers a super dark brown skin finish. Proven to protect skin against environmental damage and other skin ageing factors. Argan oil contains beneficial nutrients recognized to assist in alleviating stretch marks, wrinkles, fine lines and dry skin.


MineTan’s original green base professional formula loved by salons and self tanners. Original maximizes your skin’s deepest potential, capturing your natural skin color and amplifying it with super dark results. Quadruple dark bronzers work with tan extending multi-vitamins and oils to deliver a picture perfect tan in an instant that continues to develop into a super dark natural bronze finish without the fake tan smell.

Look like you’ve just stepped off the beach in Postiano or flew in from a Mediterranean holiday escape. Violet gives you a rich, super dark brown finish inspired by the exotic European sun. A mix of violet and dark brown bronzers leaves the skin with a colour finish that captures deep olive European skin tones. Quadruple dark bronzers work with tan extending multi-vitamins and oils to deliver a picture perfect tan in an instant that continues to develop onto a rich, super dark brown finish without the fake tan smell.

  • Violet Colour Base
  • Suits all skin types
  • Rich, super dark brown finish inspired by the European sun

Look like you’ve just returned from Rio. Dark Ash gives you a cool, intense, super dark brown finish inspired by the alluring Brazilian sun. A mix of dark ash brown bronzers counteracts red and gold undertones in your skin to deliver a natural looking intense tan that captures Brazilian skin tones. Quadruple dark bronzers work with tan extending multi-vitamins and oils to deliver a picture perfect tab in an instant that continues to develop into a cool, super dark brown finish without the fake tan smell.

  • Dark Ash Base
  • Suits all skin types
  • Cool, super dark brown skin finish inspired by the Brazilian Sun

MineTan Hydration Base Coconut Water Tan:

The world’s first coconut water based tan is a one-of-a-kind bronzing treatment, supercharged with antioxidants to restore skin hydration whilst revitalizing the skin. The weightless formula absorbs quickly to lock in moisture, while essential fatty acids found in natural coconut soothe dry areas and improve overall skin texture and tone.

An intensely hydrating skin therapy experience that instantly gives you a rich, super dark brown skin finish.

  • Made with real coconut water
  • Moisturising Antioxidants and Oils
  • Deeply hydrating
  • Fast drying
  • No orange tones
  • No fake tan smell
  • Streak free finish

MineTan Ultra Dark Absolute X20:

Absolute X20 delivers an extreme ultra dark skin finish in as little as one hour. X20 quad bronzing melanin activating intensifiers are combined with naturally derived tan actives to produce a darker, faster tan by activating skin cells to boost colour. The unprecedented power of blended quad bronzers provides rapid unparalleled bronzing results.

  • X20 Quad Bronzers
  • Melanin Activating Intensifiers
  • Extreme Ultra Dark Finish

MineTan Workout Ready

The Fitness Tan range actively works for skin tightening and trouble spots while adding INSTANT definition, you can now experience the fruits of your hard work faster than ever.

Use weekly for optimum results, tan while you tone and see your results from the gym quicker, tired and test by professional athletes, worn by world champions & fitness.

Workout Ready boasts a unique formulation that allows perspiration to pass through the tan instead of taking it off. Made with caffeine and guarana to stimulate blood flow to problem areas, Workout Ready firms, slims and tones your body as you tan.

  • The tan that won’t sweat off
  • Firms, Slims & Tones
  • Super Dark Brown Finish

Bronze Babe Personal Spray Tan Kit:

Get the picture perfect professional spray tan with the MineTan Bronze Babe Personal Spray Tan Kit. This expert approved lightweight and portable device delivers the finest spray that ensures an instantly flawless, ready to wear bronzed glow and lasting tan in moments, and all without any overspray.

Whether you are completely new to spray tanning or a bit of a pro, the Bronze Babe Personal Spray Tan Kit is so easy to use you’ll be tanning like a pro in no time.

Kit Includes: Tan.Handy Spray Tan System (available in pink or black); Bronze On Applicator Mitt; Absolute X20 Pro Spray Mist (50ml); Instruction Manual with How To Pictures

Tanning Tent and Curtain:

Providing a professional spray tanning experience has never been easier with our Tan.Tent. Compact, light and easy to put up and down. Clear windows at the top 1/3 of the tent allow light in to ensure your tan is applied evenly with no shadows.

The Tan.Curtain is a drop down back drop that is easy to clean. It is compact and easy to put up and down which makes it perfect for mobile tanners or salons who don’t have enough room to have a permanent spray tan area set up.

Coffee Scrub:

Exfoliate and revitalise your skin with this full body caffeine kick! For buttery smooth soft skin, creating the perfect canvas for your next tan. Buff away dead skin cells with freshly Ground Coffee whilst keeping the skin soft and supple with Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil. Target imperfections such as a fading tan, uneven skin tone & stretch marks. Use in the shower on a regular basis and you will up your babe factor in no time. Suitable for all skin types.