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Hydra-Replenishing Serum:

(Replaces Intense Moisture Serum) The Hydra-Replenishing Serum combats dehydration in the most effective way, targeting the skin on a cellular level to increase water uptake, water diffusion and moisture retention in the epidermis. With the powerful moisturising action of the Algo4 Complex, Hyaluronic Acid, Salicornia and Codium the skin is left with an incredible feeling of freshness, comfort and hydration. Suitable for all skin types.

Hydra-Replenishing Booster:

An essential addition to your beauty regime this winter! This unique gelified skin quencher provides immediate hydration and comfort to even the driest of skins. It can be applied by itself, particularly at night or underneath your moisturiser or mask. Enhancing both instant and long term hydration by increasing the water reserves in the epidermis as well as stimulating the circulation of water between cells. Apply 3 to 5 drops to the face and neck area followed by a treatment cream over the top if required.

Hydra-Refreshing Exfoliating Cream:

(Replaces Granular Peel) A soft, creamy scrub with ultra-fine exfoliating particles that gently but very effectively eliminate dead skin cell blockages and impurities allowing active ingredients to penetrate and treat dry, dehydrated skin. Apply a small amount to wet skin massaging gently in circular motions to reveal a soft, more youthful looking complexion.

Hydra-Tender Cream:

(Replaces Moisturising Tender Cream) A light and velvety cream that melts instantly on the skin and quenches it immediately. Rapid and effective hydration is achieved through the powerful marine extracts and Hyaluronic Acid to increase the volume of water in the skin, limiting its evaporation and encouraging water diffusion in the epidermis. Apply morning and night to the face and neck. For optimal results, apply after the Hydra-Replenishing Serum.

Hydra-Replenishing Sleeping Mask:

(Replaces Moisture Replenish Mask)  This is a fast acting mask which quenches dry skin causing a welcome re-plumping of the cells.  It acts all night to hydrate the skin and restore radiance. Fine lines and dryness are diminished. On waking, the complexion is luminous and fresh. Signs of fatigue have vanished and you are ready to face the day!

Hydra Silky Gel Mask:

Introducing Algologie’s new Hydra Plus Professional Facial Treatment.
Providing deep hydration like never before thanks to Fucogel, a pure jelly of the Fucus plant from the ocean, It is clinically proven to enhance the long lasting hydration effect which reaches its maximum after an incredible 3 hours. Available for professional use only to optimise your salon treatments to their full hydration potential!

Algologie Body Plus

Algologie continues to leap from strength to strength with the addition of the new Body Plus range. A sophisticated range of ultra-sensory cares to moisturise, protect and revitalise the body. Its unique fragrance, very evocative of a walk in the Brittany dunes…

Algologie Draining Body Oil

This micellar oil transforms into a milky emulsion when in contact with water. This draining oil combines the power of Algo4® with a cocktail of essential oils (lemon, geranium, cedar) and revitalising focus extracts to help the skin feel supple, firm and comfortable.

Apply to the body with circular motions before showering OR pour 2 capfuls into your bath water for a nourishing treat!

Algologie Firming & Tightening Body Gel:

Algologie’s Firming and Tightening Body Gel is an expert treatment that combines the strength of Algo4® with seaweed extracts that have firming and smoothing properties (Chondrus Crispus and Alaria Esculenta). Refreshing, with a texture that is quickly absorbed. Contains Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil.

Apply morning and/or evening on areas prone to sagging (thighs, belly, bust, inner arms etc).

Algologie Body Scrub with Sea Salt and Essential Oils:

A beautifully soft and silky body scrub containing 100% natural Guerande Salt which evenly and gently exfoliates whilst delivering minerals and trace elements essential for beautiful, youthful looking skin.

Massage gently on to a damp skin and then rinse, use 1 to 2 times per week.

Algologie Moisturising & Revitalising Body Milk

This velvety soft moisturiser combines the power of Algo4® with moisturising and revitalising botanical extracts (Centella Asiatica and shea butter). Its fast absorbing formula leaves skin feeling smooth, supple and beautifully hydrated. Contains skin loving Vitamin E for extra nourishment.

Apply morning and/or evening on the entire body.

Algologie Oligo Micellar Cleansing Water

A non-oily clear solution containing 1000s of microscopic micelles which surround and trap impurities to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Enriched with the exclusive Algo4® complex and extremely high in oligo-elements to remineralise the skin right from the first makeup removal.

Use morning and evening, apply to a damp cotton pad and remove makeup from face and eyes in a single step.

Algologie Remineralising & Revitalising Water

Pure, natural, fresh seawater. No colour or fragrance.

The Remineralising Water is a must in every home and office. A very refreshing treatment spray, it’s a tonic, cool and stimulating. This spray is rich in oligo-elements, minerals and vitamins. It purifies, restores balance and revives the cells in each spray.

It revitalises, hydrates and balances all skin types. It can be applied several times a day, particularly for those with pimples and oily skin to control the overproduction of oil and act as an anti-bacterial. It is also ideal to freshen and hydrate while travelling (especially by air), in air-conditioned offices, on rising and just before bed times. Great for summer and after sporting activity as a hydrating treatment.

Algologie Gentle Cleansing Milk

Specially formulated for all skin types and particularly sensitive. A very soft yet rich, white milk with a very gentle fragrance that helps to protect skin from the harmful effects of pollution, cleanses and hydrates skin perfectly while reducing that tight, uncomfortable feeling and replacing it with a feeling of calmness and freshness.

Apply gently morning and evening wherever necessary and gently rinse. For best results, follow with an application of freshness lotion.

Algologie Freshness Lotion

Specially formulated for all skin types and particularly sensitive. A very lightly coloured clear toner with a natural fragrance that helps to protect skin from the harmful effects of pollution. It also reduces feelings of discomfort such as irritation and tightness. It also minimises redness while improving the freshness and appearance of skin. And importantly maintains optimum pH.

Apply morning and evening to face and neck after cleansing

Algologie Algamarine Toner

A delicate, alcohol free lotion fortifies with essential vitamins and trace elements to remineralise the skin and balance pH levels. Algamarine Toner invigorates and refreshes while boosting the skins rate of absorption making for a particularly hydrating treat.

It completes the cleansing procedure by restoring the natural vitamins, proteins and mineral salts in the skin.

Apply morning and evening to the face and neck after cleansing.

Algologie Hydra-Refreshing Sorbet Gel

(Replaces Moisturising Cooling Cream Gel). This smooth and creamy sorbet gel instantly refreshes the skin with a surge of moisture. The skin is replenished and moisturised throughout the day for a fresh, radiant look. Apply morning and evening after cleansing.

Algologie Hydra-Comfort Rich Cream

(Replaces Moisturising Rich Cream). This rich, velvety cream enriched with Shea Butter provides a feeling of extreme comfort and maximum hydration. The skin regains elasticity and supleness for a smooth, luminous glow. Particularly suited to dry skin types. Apply morning and night after cleansing.


Algologie’s latest innovation for the most effective ever correction and reversal of skin ageing. Incorporating the exclusive bio-mimetic complex Algo4®, supercharged in two of its main ingredients to meet the fundamental needs of a mature skin:
lack of moisture, need for protection, regeneration and re-densification. Reduce deep wrinkles, smooth and firm the skin, achieve even tone and radiance, comfort and redefine the facial contours.

Algologie Global Anti-Aging Group


The anti-ageing results discovered by Algologie’s very own scientific research team were in fact even more effective than shown with Cellular Defence products. And so the difficult decision had to be made to replace it.

Global Anti-Ageing products are the ideal choice for a mature skin over 50’s experiencing hormonal changes.

Sérum De La Presqu’ile

Redensifying & Plumping Serum

A targeted action on loss of density and cell regeneration to keep the skin youthful. The Redensifying & Plumping Serum regenerates deep down and visibly improves skin for a younger-looking skin

Algologie Redensifying and Plumping Serum
Créme De La Presqu’ile

Redensifying & Plumping Cream

Global action against all the signs of ageing of mature skin. The Redensifying & Plumping Cream acts on wrinkles, loss of volume and density and luminous skin tone. Day after day, the skin is smoother, plumped and more luminous. Creamy and rich, its particularly suited to a mature skin that wants to feel comfortable.

Algologie Redensifying And Plumping_Cream
Baume De La Presqu’ile

Plumping Eye and Lip Contour Balm

A targeted high-performance treatment for a radiant and youthful eye contour and a plumped lip contour. This intensive anti-ageing treatment moisturises and nourishes, refreshes, smooths fine lines and wrinkles and strengthens the elasticity of the eye and lip contour.

Algologie Redensifying_and plumping Mask with Box
Masque De La Presqu’ile

Redensifying & Plumping Mask

A cream mask that smooths the signs of time, instantly and lastingly. This at-home spa treatment provides an immediate beauty boost. The high-performance marine ingredients boost the vitality of skin cells and act on all fronts to restore the skin’s youthful appearance.

Algologie Redensifying and Plumping Mask