Suppliers of medical and professional skincare and beauty products


 Fleur De Mer Cosmeceuticals is an outstanding line of Australian skincare products, thoughtfully formulated to support and treat skins exposed to the extremities of our harsh climate in Australia and New Zealand.

This highly active range includes safe treatment alternatives to expensive and painful cosmetic procedures. Our cosmeceutical products are formulated with unique technology to provide noticeable and rapid skin improvements.

Fleur De Mer’s skin therapy products address concerns of all nature. Be it anti-ageing, pigmentation, sensitivity or acne, Fleur De Mer has something for everyone. Our ingredients are sourced from the highest quality compounds to ensure your skin receives the best treatment and nutrition possible. Our range includes powerful fruit acid peels, intensive Vitamin A, B & C serums, advanced stem cell technology, marine collagen, microdermabrasion substitutes and active fruit enzymes and more.

Not to mention our very popular SPF50 sunscreens. Specifically formulated to protect against our harsh levels of UV exposure. Available in clear or incorporated into our beautifully soft, non-oily foundation creams in 3 different shades providing a 2 in 1 product.”