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Designed specifically to assist skins exposed to the harshness of Australian and New Zealand climate conditions. Fleur De Mer Cosmeceuticals are formulated with unique technology to deliver fast acting results for all skin types.

Specialising in unique and intensive treatment products for a variety of skin problems, all formulated to provide fast, noticeable results for a healthier, more vibrant skin.

Treatment products include our powerful Fruit Acid (Glycolic, Lactic etc) Peels, gentle Enzyme Peels, highly concentrated Vitamin C and Vitamin A Serums, Collagen Drops, Microdermabrasion Skin Polish, Stem Cell Anti-Ageing Serum and pure Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) for exceptional, deep skin hydration. All delivering their highly potent ingredients in a safe yet effective way with unprecedented results.

Our famous, unique SPF 50+ sunscreens are available in Clear or incorporated into fabulously sheer, non-oily foundation creams in 3 different shades (Light, Soft Medium & Medium) providing a 2 in 1 product at a very economical price.
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