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In Northern Brittany, France, lies an exquisite and unique biotope: The Pen Lan Peninsula. This pristine environment is home to over 800 rare marine species that hold the secrets to preserving natural beauty.

Captured by the most precise biotechnology, marine plants, seaweed and sea mist deliver all their potent action…

All year long, you will be as beautiful and radiant as when you’re at the seaside!

Our Cosmetic Secret

It is from this precious sea garden that we source Algologie’s active ingredients to develop our potent cosmetic secret which continuously revitalises the skin.

At the heart of the formulas, that exclusive bio-mimetic complex is composed of 4 active ingredients sourced from extremophile plants selected for their ability to meet the vital needs of the 4 fundamental skin cells.

Algologie marine
Pen Lan Peninsula Marine Garden


Algae green

Scientific innovation: for the 1st time, researchers have been able to isolate the gametocytes of a brown seaweed with amazing properties and reproduce them using biotechnology.



  • Rich in fucoxanthin, it protects the natural youth of our cells.
  • Fucoxanthin, a kind of marine pro-vitamin a, activates the skin cells’ natural protection systems.
  • Global protection against free radicals for all the molecules of life, including dna.


  • + 101%*Activity of youth enzymes (sirtuin 1)* test ex-vivo
  • + 63%*protection of mitochondrial dna * test ex-vivo


Algae red

An active ingredient developed through a special technique (metabolic forcing) that subjects the porphyridium cruentum cells to metabolic stress to re-create extreme conditions.



  • This red micro-algae, rich in phycoerythrin and oligosaccharides, boosts micro-circulation and improves natural oxygenation.

  • It is the red blood cell of the sea that carries oxygen.


  • Improves micro-circulation by 36% * test in-vivo
  • Reduces redness:  -19% in 86% of volunteers* test in-vivo


algae white

Plant stem cells of crithmum maritimum are cultured to produced ultra-concentrated ingredients:
1 billion stem cells = 1g of active ingredients.



  • Rich in phenolic acid, a core component of polyphenols, this molecular booster stimulates all the skin cells and in particular the fibroblasts.

  • Increase in proteoglycans and dermal constituents.

  • +  More collagen

  • +  More elastin


  • Collagen and elastin : + 34%* test ex-vivo

  • Molecules of the skin matrix: + 28%* test ex-viv


algae blue

The plant stem cells of eryngium maritimum are cultured in a bioreactor to preserve the biodiversity and produce ultra-concentrated ingredients.



  • Rich in essential fatty acids, polysaccharides and amino acids, nutrients essential to cell life.

  •  This veritable “cellular feast” helps the skin produce its molecules of life:

  • Lipids (intercellular bond, ceramides)

  • Protein (collagen, elastin and keratin)

  • Carbohydrates (hyaluronic acid)


  • + 19%* skin regeneration
    * test ex-vivo

  • + 95%* hydration * clinical test on 20 women

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Algologie provides all of the necessary tools to treat and care for your skin and body with the natural benefits of the sea. Our comprehensive range caters to everyone, with several lines covering all aspects of skin conditions:

Detox & Clean

The Detox & Clean products are your first contact with the marine world. Rich in the exclusive Algo3 Complex they reveal a fresh complexion as if you have just had a walk by the sea.

Algo Essentials
These carefully selected skincare products rebalance and revitalise the skin by meeting all its essential needs.

Hydra Plus
Algologie offers dehydrated skins a complete and innovative solution for moisturising the skin:

  1. Preserve hydration levels with Codium Extract
  2. Protect the hydro-lipid film to limit water evaporation with Christe Marine
    3. Boost the hydration system with Salicornia Extract

Sensi Plus

The desensitising power of The Golden Algae (Laminaria Ochroleuca) protects and comforts sensitive skin. The skin’s defence barrier is strengthened, improving skin tolerance and calming neurosensory reactions (heat, redness, tingling, irritation).

Mat Plus

The powerful cocktail of active ingredients found in the exclusive Algopure Complex provides a solution to all oily and acne prone skin problems.

Initial Energy

Potent brown seaweed extract, Pelvitia Canaliculata, boosts the energy uptake of our skins cells. The idea anti-ageing range for younger skins.

Lift & Lumiere

The very latest in marine biotechnology research offers incomparable results to restoring firmness, youthfulness and a glowing radiance to every skin type.

Energy Plus – Revitalising Marine Garden

This range helps the skin to recover all its vital energy. Containing the brand new Algo4® Complex: a natural formula with ultra-potent ingredients. The perfect match for a tired or lifeless complexion needing to overcome the stresses of everyday life.

Global Anti-Ageing (Redensifying & Plumping Range)

Algologie’s newest advancement for the most effective ever correction and reversal of skin ageing. Containing adjusted concentrations of the bio-mimetic complex Algo4® to meet the requirements of a more mature skin over 50’s experiencing the hormonal changes of menopause.

White & Bright

A complete programme based on the synergy between a brown algae extract and high-performing whitening active-ingredients. White & Bright products prevent pigmentation spots, reduce existing dark spots and whiten and even the complexion.

Body Cares

A luxurious range of ultra-sensory products to moisturise, protect and revitalise the body.